Could this cardboard bicycle be too hip for hipsters?

When you think of trendy, well designed, eco friendly transport, a cardboard bicycle probably doesn't spring to mind.

But that's exactly what Izhar Gafni has designed. He's an award winning industrial designer as well as a bike enthusiast. He's designed a lot of carbon fiber rigs but one day after overhearing a story about someone who’d built a cardboard canoe he knew he had to create a cardboard bike - the Alfa.



It weighs just 20lbs, yet supports riders up to 24 times its weight. It’s mostly cardboard and 100% recycled materials. He says like origami, “[if] you fold it once, and it’s not just twice the strength, it’s three times the strength.”

Now one of the things I like about this is the design and how it's shape is determined by the material. It has a naivety about it that I think really captures the essence of what 'hipsters' like but paradoxically I think its the functional aesthetics that would be a little TOO different for them. I hope not as hipsters seem to make things sell by the truck load and this deserves commercial success!

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The Inception chair

When optical illusions meet real life, they create dimension defying, eye watering, WTF perspectives!!

The Inception chair

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Real life Angry Birds

The latest 'viral'/flashmob experience for T-Mobile (Spain).

Out of this world '3D' or 360° Stereo Sound

3D Audio Demonstration for Speakers

3D Audio Demonstration for Headphones

Edgar Choueiri is a rocket scientist. Officially, he's the Director of Princeton University's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory. Now it may not be rocket science but while playing about his hobby - acounstics - Edgar's been able to develop sound in 3 dimensions. Just listen to the demos to be blown away.

Forget buying expensive Surround Sound systems with all their speakers. This just needs ordinary Stereo speakers.

Read more about the science here

I reckon that's pretty damned amazing. Who's going to be first to use this technology? I reckon the gaming community will be crucial to a fast takeoff.

JayFunk - 'Unleash Your Fingers'

At first I was thinking...'Oh God, please tell me this isn't another way of making me feel older than I am' I'm hip. I'm cool. I just undid all my pathetic pleading. Then I thought, I wonder when someone will make an ad out of it...

...and then I watched it till the end.

It's called finger Tutting and searching it on YouTube has proved that yes indeed it is another dance form I just couldn't bring myself to do without thinking I was being a MASSIVE tool.

"a new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA"

All that said, I like it.

VW Side Assist Office "You're NOT fired"

Quite simply it protects you from office blind spot accidents ie. your boss catching you surfing the web and not working on the ball aching, mind numbingly boring amends from the client.

1. Activate

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 17.14.47.png

2. Surf favorite sites

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 17.21.29.png

3. Don't get caught and keep bringing in that easy money

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 17.15.03.png

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More asskicking fun from Diesel

The ass has pretty good cornering abilities considering the inertia it must have from filling up on all those Mars bars.